I haven't traveled the world but my story is interesting nevertheless. I am a commercial, Portrait and Editorial photographer based out of the Tampa Bay area. I have created a lot of pictures and some of them have even been nationally published. 

I live in a crazy beautiful world that most people fail to see. Light, texture and the raw grittiness of it all sing to me and inspire me. Telling stories and tall tales through imagery is what drives me. I would go crazy without a way to express myself to the world visually. I'm always pursuing personal projects based on story's I want to tell.

When I'm not shooting, I love to dance and eat... although my rhythm may not be great and my cooking skills leave something to be desired. Growing up with a Sicilian mama was like having a private chef from Palermo in the kitchen. I hope to visit Italy and Sicily one day. I have a love for Italian food, barbecue and sushi. So let's work together and be friends or better yet, let's travel the world together.

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I'm a portrait photographer for the Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay and St. Pete photographing children in foster care. This is a cause that has been very close to my heart ever since a friend and fellow photographer got me involved in it. I hope that by using my skills as a photographer my images can connect these children with families for the rest of their lives. If you would like information on adopting any of these children please visit the link below. 




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